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The House of Life Abydos relives the ancient Egypt philosophy! Feel the mystic atmosphere and enjoy lodging, culture, health and healing treatments as in the times of the Pharaohs.

Immerse in the holistic, ancient approach on humanity, nature and the universe. We would love for you to develop a new view on life.


The hotel is situated right next to the impressive Temple of Seti with its beautiful reliefs and an energy that will touch your soul with an overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony. The House of Life provides just the same atmosphere! Already at the entrance of the resort you are greeted by imposing pillars that give you the impression of entering an ancient Egyptian temple. Let them take you back in time with a lobby full of striking obelisks, magnificent sculptures of Egyptian gods and a swimming pool in the shape of a scarab, filled with water from our own source.

Take a break from your everyday life. The aim is it to help you heal your body, mind and soul. They offer ancient Egyptian treatments like sound healing, traditional herbal therapies, foot and body massages with sacred oils, sand healing (only in summer). Furthermore, we offer practices with music and dances named ‘Zar’ or ‘Soefi’ that have been passed on for thousands of years which open and stimulate your chakras. Ancient Egyptian purifying rituals complete the healing experience. You are guided through this process with individualized advice and may find a new, more balanced view on your life.

If you want to dig deeper into the old Egyptian culture don’t miss out on the course in ‘Ancient Egyptian Healing’. You will get acquainted to the spiritual thinking of the ancient Egyptians and learn how powers and energies are connected with the various gods and goddesses. You will also learn how and when to use Egyptian herbs, massages or oils for treatments. During this process you will experience a personal spiritual development: You will become more aware of yourself and your role in this world. As part of the program you will also visit important energetic places and temples that will have a unique personal impact that you will profit from for the rest of your life.

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«The ancient Egyptian treatments and the special energy in the meditation area.»



You can stay in one of the three well-equipped apartments with 12 bedrooms or in one of our 44 double room chalets surrounding a swimming pool.

In our center there are a number of beautiful halls suitable for events, lectures, workshops and symposia. Our great conference room has a splendid view over the desert hills and the Temple of Sety I.


We offer different ancient Egyptian treatments:

  • Sound healing to bring your mind, spirit and body in balance
  • Herbal therapies to purify your body and to cure several sicknesses like high blood pressure, reumatic deficiencies, arthrosis, skin problems and other
  • Ancient Egyptian feet and body massage to improve you energy system
  • Sand healing (only available in the summer)
  • Two meditation chapels
  • A swimming pool
  • Fitness room


The Temple of Sety I is only a five-minute-walk away from the House of Life. It is famous for its beautiful reliefs that touch the heart. Being in this temple give you an overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony. Behind this temple you will find the ancient and mysterious site of Osirion, that may be older than the Sphinx. The Ramses II Temple is also at walking distance and a great site to further experience the ancient world of Egyptian life.

You can make camel rides, feluka tours, walks to predynastic graves around Abydos, various excursions to ancient Temples (Dendera, Luxor) and Monasteries (Sohag, Nag Hamadi).

Next to the Temple of Sety is the Per Ankh, the old House of Life, where for centuries priests and priestesses healed people from all over Egypt. Our new House of Life was built to fulfill this function again and offers the ancient tradition of wisdom, mystique and healing.


The Houses of Life exists already for 5000 years and serves as a healing part of the Temples in Egypt.

Around 1950,  a London woman, Omm Sety, came to Abydos. She was aware of her past life as a priestess in the Temple of Sety I. Once there, she astonished archeologic experts by her detailed knowledge of the Temple, the ancient Egyptian treatments and the rituals. It was her dream to spread her knowledge and the ancient wisdom to future generations. The present owners build this center, completed in 2015, as a fulfilment of her dream.


Abydos, Region Sohag, approx. 150 km North of Luxor.

House of Life Abydos