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The calmness of the Mata de Araucária wooded area – the panorama surrounding the Lapinha Spa – is a primary factor that enables guests, from the moment they arrive, to completely leave their own routines behind and enter the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that can be found there. The Margarida farm where the spa is located is the ideal place to realign body, soul and spirit. The scenario thus enables man to reunite with nature, as a result of which, coupled with the reorganization of their biological timing, healthy habits are adopted.


Immersed in a true paradise, the Lapinha Spa offers a balance of body, mind and soul using the forces of nature as instruments for healing. For this purpose, the 550 hectare farm and surrounding flora and fauna have been preserved, the water is potable and the soil is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Additionally, the lush environment can be appreciated during the many activities such as water gymnastics and walks, as well as massages.

The egg-lacto-vegetarian and organic cuisines are not only essential during this process, but they also constitute another trump card. All food served here is grown in soil that is free of pesticides and is gathered only a few hours before meals. This diet is rich in fiber and vitamins and is the key to achieving full wellbeing, energy and a good disposition which are often lost in the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Sustainability, a topic that is becoming widely debated, has always been a concern at Lapinha. Here the water is potable and all local heating, including the rooms, floors, showers and even the swimming pool, is conducted by use of the boiler, which is fueled using raw materials that are taken from and replanted on the farm itself. This dedication to the environment earned the spa the Zero Carbon certificate.

The outdoor multipurpose pool and the Villa SPA Lapinha are the newest installations and have been completely integrated into the spa’s luxuriant ambiance. The choice of Lapinha Spa is also a choice of greater comfort, contentment and quality of life – both physical and spiritual.

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«Walking through the rolling hills or trekking through the rainforest to the 1000 years old trees.»



Medical resort and health retreat with 38 rooms where buildings are fully integrated with nature, taking full advantage of the landscape and the natural resources. The cuisine is based on an egg-lacto-vegetarian diet that has been produced organically and is rich in vitamins, fiber and essential minerals, which focus on detoxification, revitalization and reenergizing. The menu also includes gluten- and lactose-free food options. Under the supervision of nutritionists, diets range from 420 to 2000 calories per day depending on the goals of the programs and medical orientation. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, exercise and dance area, entertainment room and home theater and organic production center (garden, cheese making, dairy…).



The Villa SPA Lapinha offers over 20 private rooms reserved for physical therapy, massotherapy, water therapy, aesthetic and capillary treatments as well as two rest areas. An indoor Kneipp tank, with hot and cold water, is the center of the building integrating the unique landscape with a relaxation area. Bungalows are situated in a lovely garden and serve as peaceful and calming refuges where guests can enjoy some of the relaxing treatments.


Medical checks, anti-stress, burn out, detox, F.X.Mayr, stop-smoking program, Kneipp, naturopathy, nutritional consultancy, weight loss, physiotherapy, reflexology and an extensive menu of over 50 body and beauty treatments, including hydrotherapy, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, hot stone, reflexology, Thai massage, watsu, Vichy showers and thalasso.


  • Long ecological walks from 5 to 10 kilometers and short ecological walks of 3 kilometers. Tennis and volleyball court. Outdoor multipurpose pool: semi-Olympic, 16 meter geyser for vertical massage, walks against the current, treatment station with jets and a solarium.
  • Outdoor activities: Nordic walking, jogging, biking, swimming and Liang Gong.
  • Indoor activities: Dance classes, localized gymnastics and flexibility, cardiovascular circuit, complete gym, water aerobics at different levels, Pilates, personal trainer with training in functional exercises.


The Lapinha Spa is located in the rural region of the town of Lapa (PR), approximately 85 km from the city of Curitiba in the State of Paraná, Brazil. The closest airport is in Curitiba, from which we offer transportation for your convenience.

Lapinha Spa
Estrada da Lapa – Rio Negro, Km 16 – Fazenda Margarida
83.750-000, Lapa, Parana