Fluidra is a listed Spanish group, devoted to develop solutions for the sustainable use of water in its leisure, sport and therapeutic applications. The group has 45 branches and is able to serve more than 100 countries, ensuring the same business approach, quality and level of standard worldwide.

The group manufactures its product portfolio through 23 manufacturing facilities, located in key markets, and distributes them worldwide with its own automated logistic company.

Fluidra offers water solutions for indoor/outdoor pools, wellness areas, ornamental fountains and water treatments to hotels & resorts and urban spas, helping to deliver a unique guest experience while ensuring energy efficiency, sustainability and cost of ownership control.

As a partner for solutions, Fluidra is able to manage a project from the preliminary consultancy all the way to project architecture and design, equipment manufacturing and distribution, project execution and maintenance.

We also help in planning and implementing bespoke solutions designed by architects/designers/spa consultants selected by the client.

Avda. Francesc MaciĆ , 60, planta 20
08208 Sabadell (Barcelona)

+34 937 243 900


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