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Healing happens in the city

transform the landscape of city hotels
Urban Healing Collection They provide moments of respite from the frenetic demands of city travel with healing environments, experiences, services, and amenities.
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HEALING SUMMIT Virtual Healing Journey

Healing Hotels of the World will offer a two-hour virtual HEALING SUMMIT Journey
Cologne, Germany, October 20, 2020 -- Healing Hotels of the World will offer a two-hour
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Our top healing hotels to relax

here is the best of the best . . short explanation about the focus of the mentioned hotels, why we choose them . . . get readers interested :-)
Arosea Life Balance Hotel_cozy rooms

arose life balance

The AROSEA Life Balance Hotel’s philosophy is based on finding life balance by following the natural flow of energy – both within the body and in connection with the outer world. Here, everything is devoted to promoting a sense of harmony: from the spa treatments to the activity and relaxation programs, locally grown organic cuisine, carefully decorated rooms and oxygen-enriched Grander water on tap available in the entire hotel.

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Rebeccas dog hotel

a unique place full of dogs

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