FX Mayr

The F.X.MAYR-Therapy is an intensive diet treatment, which relies heavily on the patient’s commitment and discipline. The emphasis is on cleansing and detoxifying the intestine, which in turn leads to purifying the body, allowing the self healing power of your internal organism to leave you feeling rejuvenated.###

As your body adapts you crave less food, although the weight loss is a welcome side effect and not the whole point of the treatment. In fact, the therapy can also be used by underweight patients, to cleanse the system and re-educate the body to gain weight.

The most important indications of the Dr. F.X. Mayr cure are:

  • Constipation and diarrhea, flatulence, colic, gastritis, metabolism problems, heartburn, stomach and intensive swelling
  • Liver disease, obesitiy, anorexia
  • Blood cholesterol, high and low blood pressure
  • Chronic bronchial problems, migraine, chronic skin problems
  • Arthritis, gout, rheumatism