The word Thalasso is of Greek origin meaning “sea”. Thalassotherapy is the medical use of cold or heated seawater, maritime air, sun, algae, mud and sand. The properties of seawater are believed to have beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin and infectious diseases.###

Trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodide found in seawater are believed to be absorbed through the skin.

There are two key issues in Thalassotherapy:

  1. Medical remedy
    (e.g. respiratory disease, rheumatism, chronic skin diseases)
  2. Prevention and cosmetic
    (e.g. skin and beauty therapies, purification, relaxation)

The actual program of a Thalassotherapy is individually specified and may include hydrotherapy, massage, electro physiotherapy, bath, body wraps with algae and mud, vichy shower, jet shower, inhalation with aerosol and aquarobics.