Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM includes a range of traditional Chinese medical practices with a holistic approach concentrating on health protection.

Several thousands of years ago the Chinese realized that prevention is more beneficial than actual healing. The body is understood as a coherent system in which all body parts, organs and organ systems are interconnected by energy channels. A person is healthy when all his energy is in harmony and balance.###

In the concept of TCM all influences that have an effect on the human being can be classified either as restorative or as weakening. The most important influences which can disturb the balance of the human organism and thus lead to illness are:

  • Climatic parameters (wind, heat, humidity, dryness, cold)
  • Lacking or excessive hygiene
  • Emotions (rage, joy, worry, grief, fear)
  • Morbid life-style
  • Shortage of suitable food and body movement

The pulse and tongue diagnosis is one of the most popular diagnosis techniques in TCM. For the actual treatment different methods can be combined. The most important ones are acupuncture, massages, medicinal therapy, nutrition, and body exercise (e.g. Qi Gong).