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Are you looking for a very special vacation? A perfect time-out for body, mind and soul? Then you are warmly welcomed to the wild, yet romantic Stillachtal, located in the South of Germany. This area, which can be characterized by stunning mountains and the greenest fields, provides the optimal setting for guests to arrive (and depart). Hotel Stillachtal offers individual guidance towards a holistic und sustainable lifestyle. Due to the small house with 15 rooms they have the possibility to stay in close contact to their customers and therefore are able to provide a very personalized service. This attribute is tremendously supporting the regeneration and rejuvenation and helps to free your mind.


Take the chance to arrive and start moving. The goal is to feel the lightness of life, leaving stress behind and develop an understanding and valuation about what matters in life. Find the frame of the self portrait that you want to create around yourself.

The entire house is developed from tradition, generations, a small alpine cottage – and the sense of nature is still part of the philosophy of the Hotel Stillachtal. Their health and wellness treatments are closely linked with the seasons as they offer for example hiking days in the summer, fasting in the spring or holistic healing and recreation days towards the winter time. The nature provides perfect conditions to get in contact with your body and mind. All outdoor activities are located close to the accommodation while you will get a combination of all therapies and cures. Being active is a main driver in our life. A complete stop would lead to obstructions and blockages. Our hotel offers daily changing activities such as yoga or hikes in order to reach an inner balance. Personal consultation, open Ayurveda dialogues and much more are part of the healing program.

This small but cosy hotel has wonderful rooms, a panorama indoor pool and a sauna. Fresh, regional products in the restaurant are highly valued and the menus are matching the seasons. Furthermore, they are cooking with allergy and culinary preferences such as vegetarian or vegan in mind.

However, the human being with its needs displays the centre of our interest. Ayurveda is known as the “lessons of life” and the life teaches us to value our uniqueness and to hold up to its expectations. At the Hotel Stillachtal YOUR uniqueness is valued, so indulge yourself with a unique health vacation. You decide whether to choose for a detox regeneration cure, a fasting time, or for a weight loss vacation in which the focus is on the causes and not the symptoms which guarantees a healing and relaxing vacation in the South of the Allgäu.

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«Feeling like being on a mountain pasture and taken very personal care of by the owner who is also a trained therapist.»



15 rooms with bathroom, telephone, radio, TV and balcony to the South with mountain view. All rooms are equipped with a hair dryer and bathrobe.


  • Indoor pool
  • Team sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Finish sauna
  • Abyangha, Kundalini, Padabyangha, Mukabyangha
  • Dancing hands, dancetherapy
  • Bioenergetically runningunit


Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, meditative hiking, biking, horseback riding, yoga, dancing


Located in the Stillachtal, in a valley of Oberstdorf at 900m hight. The hotel is freely accesible near the Fellhornbahn chair lift.

Hotel Stillachtal
Faistenoy 1
87561 Oberstdorf