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minimum stay of 7 nights


Lanserhof’s personalized detox and fasting programs are complemented by ‘energy medicine’ health treatments that mix old-school approaches (such as leech therapy and liver infusions) with the ultimate modern, preventative techniques and selected fitness programs.

Combining the best of a luxury health retreat and a medical resort, the famous LANS Med concept is recognised as one of the world’s leading detox regimes.

The LANS Med Concept is based on the latest medical know-how and the philosophy of Austrian physician and so-called ‘father of fasting’, Franz Xaver Mayr, who believed that a clean digestive system leads to a clean bill of health. The F.X. Mayr method is built on three pillars – rest (tea-and-water fasting to quiet you internally), detoxification (cutting out everything from sugar to alcohol to lessen the strain on your gastrointestinal system), and training (chewing thoroughly and without distraction to help your body process food better).



At Lanserhof, guests are invited to find their own rhythm – with the help of nature and generous spaces for contemplation. Here, the power of the Tirolean Alps landscape is an integral part of Lanserhof Lans’ stunning architectural design and guest experience – with the space to regain lost energy, create new personal power, find inner peace and tranquility, and connect to the environment.

Having re-opened on January 2nd 2017, the revamped and revitalised Lanserhof Lans welcomes its guest now to a new salt water pool and medical cold chamber. Other new features include private roof terraces and a new restaurant with panoramic views of the impressive Tyrolean mountains that lives up to Lans’ signature uber-luxury design and calming healing environment. Days are deliberately under-scheduled, with plenty of time for rest, relaxation or activity.

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«It feels unbelievably familiar – as a guest you will be taken by the hand and guided through the process of detoxifying and fasting in unexpected luxury.»



  • 90 architecturally-designed rooms and suites
  • Spacious and luxurious interior design


  • Spa
  • Salt Water Pool
  • Medical Cold Chamber
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Sanarium

The LANS Med Concept forms the link between the most valuable findings that nature and science offer us: The teachings of Dr. F.X. Mayr into the wisdom of traditional natural medicine, energy medicine, psychology and psychoneuro-immunology, and chrono and advanced modern medicine.

Treatment Areas:

  • Phytotherapy & Orthomelecular Medicine
  • Detox & Regeneration
  • Sleep Medicine & Biorhythms
  • Psyche & Emotions
  • Physical Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Check Up & Advanced Diagnostics
  • Movement
  • Information Medicine

Programmes: LANS Med Basic

The LANS Med Basic package forms the basis of your stay. Hand-in-hand with your doctor, you work out an advanced diagnostic and therapeutic strategy geared towards your individual needs and personal goals.

  • Creation of an individual health plan
  • 1 initial medical examination – 40 min.
  • 2 check-ups with abdominal treatment – each 20 min.
  • 1 final medical consultation – 30 min.
  • 1 foot reflexology or head massage – 25 min.
  • 2 muscular deep tissue massages – each 50 min.
  • 1 detox drainage – 50 min.
  • 1 lymph detox pack with shower and liver wrap – 50 min.
  • 1 bioimpedance analysis
  • 1 urine analysis
  • 1 electrolysis foot bath


Daily Kneipp administrations, daily group movement therapy, daily group relaxation training, introductory medical lecture, additional topical presentations, on-call doctor, duty and night service

For medical reasons, a two-week minimum stay is recommended as obligatory for achieving significant and viable success for your regeneration programme.

LANS Med Modules

The LANS Med Concept is as bespoke as you need it to be. That is why in addition to our LANS Med Basic programme, we also offer individual modules for specific areas.

  • Detox
  • Movement
  • Restart
  • Rebalance Body & Mind
  • Check Man/Woman 40+
  • Aesthetics
  • Sports (Active, Active Regeneration)


LANS Derma Therapy, an extensive programme of ultra-innovative skin treatments which combine medical cosmetics with pioneering techniques and processes. The programme was developed jointly by the Lanserhof skin therapists and leading international cosmetic laboratories.

Cryotherapy: The body’s short-term exposure to a temperature of -110°C blocks its sensitivity to pain and also acts anti-inflammatory. Areas of application: Rheumatic diseases, arthritis, spinal disorders, chronic pain, blunt injuries to joints, joint or spinal conditions after surgery, skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, insomnia, increased stress.


  • Personalized detoxifying menu & ‘energy cuisine’ — designed to optimize your digestive powers
  • Organic, sun-ripened and ethically-grown produce


  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong
  • Meditation
  • Nordic walking
  • Jogging
  • Mountain biking
  • Swimming
  • Golf (three courses nearby)
  • Winter sports – skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing
  • Art, music and cultural experiences including concerts, city tours, cultural walks and excursions in Innsbruck.


  • Located in the village of Lans, 15 minutes from the capital city of Tirol, Innsbruck.
  • Set on a sunny plateau surrounded by the Tirolean Alps, deep forests and vast meadows.

How to get there

  • 15 minutes from Innsbruck and Innsbruck airport.
  • 2 hours drive from Munich.
Lanserhof Luxury Health Center
Kochholzweg 153
A-6072 Lans