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The Alfa-Med company produces equipment to control and correct the level of health. We have our own research and production capacities in Moscow, as well as representatives in Europe and the United States of America. We also cooperate with a number of leading world research and medical institutes.

Thanks to the joint work of physicists, physicians and computer experts from the world’s leading global academic research and medical institutes, we managed to develop the high-tech SensitivE Audit machine.

The SensitivE Audit is a health level assessment device that can detect diseases at the early stages, when there are no florid symptoms, and offers the highest accuracy of up to 97%.

It is the first of its kind.

SensitivE Audit’s high accuracy provides for an effective early prevention, namely the following:

  • Prevention of diseases at a preclinical level;
  • Identification of hidden pathological conditions of seemingly healthy people, who have been exposed to adverse environmental factors or are under an increased risk of developing certain diseases.

The operating principle of SensitivE Audit is based on the methods of frequency-wave imprinting and biomagnetic resonance. The approach falls back on the theory of electromagnetic fields in living organisms.

SensitivE Audit has a wide range of possibilities regarding aftercare and energy correction of human health. The device offers a broad spectrum of usage, and may offer great help to fitness and wellness centers, recovery centers, clinical units, doctors, naturopathic doctors, as well as nutritionists.

“We are confident that the future lies in the prevention of diseases at the early stages, before the symptoms and complications appear.”

– With concern for people’s well-being,
Alfa-Med LLC team


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