Cool. Cooler. Vaultz.

Imagine: In just seconds you could be on your way to a clear head. Vaultz protect our highest treasure: our physical and mental wellbeing.

Vaultz, high performance cryo chambers by Art of Cryo: single Vaultz: the premium one room cryo chamber. vario Vaultz: a professional system made for continuous use with a true room temperature of -110C°. unical Vaultz: custom made solutions to the special needs of our customers – luxurious yachts, new fields of application or equine sports.


We offer more than products with true room temperatures on the highest level of technology. Technology meets design. Cells with rounded edges, continuous cell panels, big windows, a control unit designed by Antonio Capristo and a 22-inch touchscreen are just the beginning.

Reliable high performance cryo chambers with true, stable room temperatures are the base for a successful business operation. The exclusive Art of Cryo user software and app doesn’t just calculate the individual application time for every guest, but also ensures a smooth scheduling, supports marketing and processes as a whole.

Dive into the art of the whole body cryo family

The family run company offers special solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, plant and machine engineering, interface, electroplating and metal working. After 25 years of delivery to one of the leading cryo chamber brands came the time in 2020 to step closer to our customers and offer new innovative whole body cryo solutions. The divison Art of Cryo was born and now offers product lines of the Vaultz®

A vault protects treasures. Vaultz protects our most important of treasures, our health.

Customers are partners – we stay by your side. Additionally to your long- lived products you also gain professional service. Vaultz are equipped with telemaintenance and we have a 24/7 service hotline. Your employees stay up to date with our newsletter about new studies and corresponding comments. Come on board and get in touch with us!


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