The breadth of experience Elizabeth Cocoann brings to her practice is unique. After completing her BA in Education and Dance, she traveled around the world studying bodywork, shamanism, energy healing, meditation, yoga and other cross-cultural healing modalities. Coco completed a Master's in Traditional Shamanic Energy Medicine and founded and operated Yarrow Hot Yoga & Wellness Studio as well as Yarrow Yoga Teacher Training.

Integrating these disciplines and life lessons, she has created her own unique and effective approach to deep healing. Today, Coco works with clients worldwide helping them align all of their life systems. She is known for her gentle straight-forward loving and playful approach in working with both individuals and luxury businesses.

Coco heals business infrastructures and helps the people she touches to live freer in their body, their mind and their heart. She effortlessly navigates the wholeness of the system, context and underlying paradigm, unlocking that which is holding you back and causing you pain. Coco listens and holds space without judgement, offering practical tools to integrate the energetic transformation.

Coco works both remotely and in person, assisting her clients in understanding and transforming the energetic core that sits beneath their individual and collective dreams. Each session invokes healing at a deep level that spirals from the individual’s core into relationships, work structures, finances and collective co-creation. Her work is both energetic and hands-on leading to lasting change in the manifested world.

Elizabeth Cocoann Galis
412 W. Boone Ave
Spokane, Wa 99204

Phone: +1 509 413 2215