The Crystal Connection Experience

Holistic therapies and spiritual rituals.

The Crystal Connection Experience is a unique concept. It was created to calm mental and physical overloads due to our hectic daily lives. The experience creates a moment to access a more tranquil state, to let time stop, so that we can tune into our fundamental basic sensations.

It’s a pause as we sense our breath and feel our oneness. A meditation space to practice mindfulness, listening to our body and soul, receive bountiful massages as we enter a pacification bubble, a protective and benevolent inner sanctuary.

Each space is unique, filled with different sizes of quartz crystals that are carefully assembled to the specific vibratory wave of the room, which in turn, optimizes the crystals effects.

The Crystal de Roche is a mythical crystal composed of silicium that draws on the earth’s natural biological resonance to recharge and connect soul and body, allowing us to mentally surrender and return to unity.

The Crystal Connection Experience is ideal for holistic therapies and spiritual rituals.

The experience starts with touch. The guest chooses one stone among seven - seven colors representing the seven energy centers of the body. The color of the stone chosen symbolizes mental and physical state of the guest. So the color will have an effect on the rhythm and the path of the ritual.

The quartz crystals used in the Crystal Connection Experience carries in them the entire luminous spectrum. The effects of Chromatherapy are very beneficial, as they align body and mind.

One Stone, one color, one essence.

To help in liberating the spirit, a delicate and light scent will be diffused in the space.

Lying in the center of the space, the heart returns to the earth, and is refreshed in this energizing cocoon. The guest senses his subconscious expanded self, and can optimally benefit from the meditations and massages created and the energy invoked by the chosen stone.

With the body and soul rested, the guest is spiritually and emotionally aligned after diving into the crystal connection.

The ritual brings the guest back to reality with the sense of taste. A floral water concocted specifically for this moment, regenerates the body.

The Crystal Connection Experience returns us to the essential self. It is a break from our everyday reality. Immersed in the crystals strength, we face ourselves, feeling the powerful link that connects oneself to the earth enabling us to live fully in the present moment.


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