Fjorlight is a health and wellbeing company based in London. We take a holistic view on wellbeing and are passionate about taking cutting-edge technologies, backed by science, and bringing them to a broader audience.

At fjorlight we are passionate about light. Many of us may not be aware that light is an essential nutrient, just as important as our diet.

We should be spending as much time as possible outdoors. This gives our bodies the right cues to produce the hormones required for our bodily clocks to stay in tune with nature. There is a mounting pool of scientific evidence indicating that exposure to bright light rich in blue hues during the day, and to softer, amber hues at night, helps maintain the body’s natural circadian rhythm, which experts argue, has been disrupted to by our constant exposure to standard indoor lighting sources and worse still, our more recent incessant obsession with the blue light emitting screens of our computers, tablets and smart phones.

We provide lighting solutions that optimise the indoor environment, providing full spectrum light that changes dynamically from dawn to dusk, bringing people’s circadian rhythm in harmony with nature.

We also work with technologies that use light therapeutically, and have designed a light therapy pod offering red and near infrared light treatment. These wavelengths have unique properties, triggering cellular repair, relieving aches and pains, reducing inflammation, boosting performance, aiding recovery, rebalancing hormones and rejuvenating the skin.

We consult on a number of health optimisation programmes, both in terms of assessing the indoor environment as well as recommending products and services that seek to optimise the wellbeing of an individual.

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