Gharieni Group

For 30+ years, the Gharieni Group has been known for its market leadership in creating Spa and Wellness equipment made for maximum comfort, and to deliver the ultimate wellbeing experience.

Today, their clients appreciate that the traditional Gharieni treatment bed is the most premium quality product available on the market. Each bed is meticulously crafted in Germany, adhering to the highest standards of excellence with TÜV certification. In addition to numerous awards for product excellence & innovation, they have been recognized by the Forbes Travel Guide as a Brand Official for six consecutive years.

Almost a decade ago the company began pioneering the integration of advanced mind-body wellness technologies into their treatment beds. This significant shift has become one of the industry’s biggest disruptions and one of the most groundbreaking trends today. In line with the evolving needs of the marketplace, in 2024 they launched the new brand, METAWELL – a natural progression from the founding organization’s legendary brand, Gharieni.

METAWELL is a collection of Mind and Body technology beds, loungers & equipment that harness the principles of sound, vibration, light, touch, water, and others into technological innovation delivering evidence-based benefits. The fusion of traditional healing practices with the latest science and technology can now deliver treatments with ease and efficacy for a true 21st century Wellbeing experience.

From far infrared and binaural vibroacoustics to haptic technologies and augmented technologies, METAWELL is leading the pack in the creation and execution of the hybrid spa and wellness experience.


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