First-class equipment for Spa and treatment rooms
As a manufacturer of exquisite treatment beds and state-of-the-art equipment for Spa, wellness and cosmetic facilities, the Gharieni Group is among the global leaders with customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Moreover, especially hotels of the luxury class rely upon the brand "Gharieni" and its innovations in respect of the equipment of their in-house Spa and beauty facilities.

A perfect concept
The recipe of success of the Moers (GER)-based company: Elegant and modern design, high-quality materials, perfect functionality, certified and quality-controlled in Germany, exceptional focus on service.

Thus Gharieni offers

  • the customers to choose from a wide product range of colours and decors to make "their" treatment bed a unique visual experience.
  • customised Treatment and Wellness Beds including branding.
  • the "Total-Wellness-Concept" as a complete solution to wellness projects, which are intended to be perfectly-customised relevant to any individual request; furthermore, we can take over the entire project management including the installation.
  • innovative treatment concepts. Videlicet, loungers including the equipment for complete treatment programmes. Additionally, our company develops special loungers for unique treatments.

Extraordinary treatment innovations
An example is the MLX-Quartz wellness bed. While lying on it, the customers are able to experience the Psammo-Therapy - the beneficial "bath in warm sand" which has been tried and tested since the Antiquity - including its modern technology in an extraordinary and luxurious way. This lounger, which is filled with quartz sand, can be heated to the desired temperature by an integrated and infinitely adjustable heating system. The customer is engulfed by the warm sand and in optimal lying position simultaneously while the tiny grains of sand are emitting the mild and dry heat stored therein. The result is effective but also beneficial: The circulation of the whole body is improved. This process reduces the muscular tension and has a positive effect on the functions of internal organs as well as on the regeneration of the skin. The activation of the metabolism provides a detoxifying-effect and the stimulation of the vegetative nervous system results in deep physical and psychological relaxation.

The quartz sand is not only available as a standard version but also with noble copper or golden coating. Colour-Quartz and Hybrid-Quartz mixtures which are suitable for special Signature-Treatments are also available; matching quartz-stamps complete Gharieni´s Psammo-Concept-Experience. You can adjust the height and inclination
of the lounger for optimised work using the two lifting columns and also operate it as an additional massage table when using the optional available cushion support.

In good hands
The brand Gharieni not only represents excellent quality and extraordinary innovation; it also complies with any requirement of detailed consultation, comprehensive planning and rapid implementation of customer requests.

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