JULISIS skin care system not only benefits the way you look, but also the way you feel –  inside and out. Skin is the largest living organ of the body, reflecting your state of wellbeing. Changes in stress level, diet or weather – all affect your skin. JULISIS preparations have been specifically formulated to bring your outer appearance into harmony with your internal being.

Skin care is not merely a quest for superficial beauty, but an integral investment in preventative health. JULISIS’ wholesome formulas are completely free of synthetic chemicals: “Only put on your skin what you would eat!”.

JULISIS is based on ancient alchemistic knowledge using their patented liquid gold essence jlge® to activate, energize and protect with the morning preparations and liquid silver essence jlse® to detox, firm, and refine during the night time – completely supporting your own natural biorhythm.

JULISIS bio-botanicals are of the highest grade available, hand harvested medicinal plants, mostly from their over one-hundred-year-old biodynamic garden near the Italian Alps, far away from any industry. Their efficient synergistic compounds provide the optimal nutritional level for skin cells, enabling your skin to look and feel at its best. Similar to the homeopathic principle, JULISIS preparations communicate with your cells through fine physical vibrations. They utilize knowledge about the power of the planets, gemstones and metals, and their deep influence on the human energy system (the so-called chakras, the main energy wheels).

JULISIS skin care preparations are able to precisely treat your momentary skin condition based on the choice and dosage of preparation to be applied.  The result is a smoother and refined, more youthful appearance of your skin. Following their prescribed rituals will consequently lead to the desired significant improvement. And the natural healthy JULISIS glow.  The preparations in the JULISIS range have intensive energetic and physical effects. They combine the wisdom of the alchemist teachings about the healing power of plants, minerals and metals, to once again bring the internal and the external into perfect balance. The result: Beauty inside and out.

Let your skin breathe and your heart shine.


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