Detox is Life

When Mother Nature made us, she did not anticipate that we would nourish ourselves with products loaded with preservatives and colourings, and that due to our unrestricted mobility we would breathe in damaging exhaust gases and that we would take medication whether we need to or not. As a result we are all to varying degrees burdened with poisonous substances. How can we avoid these under normal living conditions?

The Answer is Simple:
By using the innovative medical product MEGA NFC® medical10 ‘Bodycleaning Detox Deluxe’

Why do poisons accumulate in the body? There are many reasons: poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, smoking, sleep deprivation. The air we breathe contains many damaging additives. Medication such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti- depressants etc. are taken, which on the one hand help us to cure our illnesses but on the other can damage the liver and kidneys. As a result our constant companions are problems with stomach and intestines, weight fluctuations, sensitive skin, problems sleeping, headaches and a general feeling of malaise; a human is continuously a carrier of waste and poison.

Incidentally there are also heavy metals among these poisons. Hardly anyone benefits from having fillings containing amalgam. Amalgam is a compound containing mercury and other substances. Even when we replace our amalgam fillings, mercury remains in the body’s tissues.
To say nothing of allergies (a true modern plague) as toxins increasingly attack our immune system.

Can we combat all this? Of course we can. We all need a new detoxification treatment, a treatment to cleanse the body. It is not coincidence that the word ‘detox’ is so current these days. A proper detoxification treatment helps our body recover from cumulative damage that we have accrued over the years.

Why is MEGA NFC® medical10 truly sensational for anti-aging medical specialists?

Our philosophy is based on prevention rather than cure. Our products are manufactured from purest zeolite, a mineral of volcanic origin which is micronised and activated with the help of a highly advanced process. This leads to the raising of responsiveness and an increase in the physical surface area. The micronisation technology is further developed using the HENA® process. This very special activation means that the klinoptilolith is given an electric potential which functions more or less as “door opener” through the exchange of ions with cells. As a result of this the positive effects of these minerals are clearly increased. This technology is only available at MEGA NFC® medical10.

Taken in the morning (on an empty stomach), MEGA NFC® medical10 tasks heavy metals such as lead, mercury, caesium and other toxic substances from the intestines and releases minerals such as magnesium, potassium, selenium and calcium in the body.

How does that work? Through selective ion exchange. The biologically important ions released through the crystal gates of MEGA NFC® medical10 are carried through the connective tissues in the cells and bring ions into other places (each according to selective rank) for example heavy metals which must be cleared from the body. Moreover the crystal structure of the preparation Mega NFC has an electric potential and works on the action of poison, bacteria and fungi as well as viruses neutralising them through these mechanisms.

This process stimulates natural decontamination and slows the production of free radicals.

And what does silica mean for a healthy appearance? The most important aspect is that MEGA NFC® medical10 contains about 70% silica which has been used as ancient cosmetics since the time of Cleopatra. According to legend, the queen owed and maintained her beauty thanks to silica. This mineral is contained in human connective tissue. Silica promotes a smooth skin, hair growth, joint suppleness. It is no coincidence that the skin of a young person contains a large proportion of silica. This decreases as you grow older and leads to a decrease in the elasticity of skin.

A further remarkable characteristic of MEGA NFC® medical10is the fact it is a highly effective antioxidant. If surplus free radicals are not excreted, oxidisation and destruction of the cell membranes sets in which further leads to damage and aging of tissue. The taking of antioxidants boosts our health. MEGA NFC® medical10 hinders the formation of free radicals as a highly effective antioxidant.

It is important to highlight the fact that the MEGA NFC® medical10 preparation is manufactured in Germany according to strict quality controls and the high requirements which govern the manufacture of medical preparations.
Convince yourself: the results will be obvious.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle. The effect of the preparation will be increased through careful nutrition, from a plentiful intake of fluids and through increased physical activity.

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