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How does food become a vitalizing and rejuvenating force? How can food be used as preventive medicine? What if humanity has new levels of well being to be experienced, unlocked through harnessing the secrets of nature?

At STAMBA these are the questions that drive and inspire us every day. Our line of custom, vegan, gluten and GMO-free, certified organic superfood blends reflect our answers and discoveries.

Rooted in a deep reverence for Earth and the riches of her plant kingdom, STAMBA sources the purest, most potent raw ingredients from pristine environments worldwide; true superfoods that have been utilized for generations by cultures worldwide for their healing, vitalizing and rejuvenating qualities. Each ingredient is nutritionally robust, freeze or slow dried to preserve its raw state and nutritional integrity. In unison, they provide a full spectrum of prized health benefits far beyond those of any individual agent.

Also, STAMBA represents a new paradigm of nutrition based on the holistic philosophy of complexity theory and advances in food science revealing the health-promoting power of whole-food synergy. Our award-winning product line: DAILY, TRAVEL and PERFORM blends, make the depth of nature’s nourishment easy to access and integrate into modern lifestyles.

With Swiss-made violet glass bottles for superior freshness preservation and sustainably harvested maple and cork caps, the elegant organic beauty of our packaging inspires use and reuse.

At the forefront of the evolution of functional organic nutrition, STAMBA is now forming partnerships with select establishments that share our commitment to bring experiential and enduring benefits to their clientele.


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