An Australian owned family business, Subtle Energies offers a range of Ayurveda Aromatherapy blends, treatments and skincare. This highly regarded spa brand is known for its expertise in blending rare and authentic ingredients to create luxurious and aromatic experiences.
Subtle Energies has grown from an education and practitioner based background into the spa industry, with the creation of signature blends made exclusively for and available only at Jiva Spas from the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, located at some of the world’s most iconic destinations.

Through global implementation of the The Ayurveda Aromatherapy Spa Concept®, Subtle Energies can be found in exclusive spa destinations around the world, which include a partnership with The Six Senses Spas & Resorts.

Subtle Energies is a brand that bases its products and treatments on traditions dating back over 5,000 years in written texts and 40,000 years by oral teachings.
The brand combines the optimum methods and knowledge found in these respected ancient sciences, with modern aromatherapy techniques, to create safe and effective products with properties to enhance wellness and promote vitality to the skin. Natural, holistic and performance driven qualities, are the cornerstones of all of Subtle Energies products and treatments.

Ayurveda and Ayurveda Aromatherapy -The Difference

Ayurveda Aromatherapy is the marriage of two sciences: Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Subtle Energies have been pioneers in reviving the science of using rare and unique essential oils, long forgotten in traditional Ayurvedic practices today.
In Ayurveda Aromatherapy the traditional techniques and benefits of Ayurveda are combined with the added benefits of Aromatherapy and Marma techniques, using the rare and unique flora pharmacy of the Indian essential and base oils, providing a holistic sensory experience.
Farida Irani (founder) and Subtle Energies have an established history as master blenders, specialising in Ayurveda Aromatherapy.
Subtle Energies creations provide balance as well as a profound impact on the senses and spirit, working to restore and enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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