We have been suppliers of high quality Home Entertainment Systems since 1985, providing complex multimedia solutions for both home and business use. Considering our line of business, we have always seen it as our upmost responsibility to look for ways that protect our customers from the high and low frequency electromagnetic fields associated with such equipment, inevitably affecting their health.

During our search we came across Symbio Harmonizer, a company who takes care of the described issue through the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Technology, which has been developed to make sure people can enjoy life in today's highly technological world without any concerns in regards to the negative impact that comes with it. Harmonizer technology also improves the water quality as well as the room climate by reducing fine dust in the air to a much healthier level.

Doctors and therapists are behind this technology "Made in Austria". Through their research and the development of such equipment they have helped people to regenerate or maintain their health.

Petra und Albert Knoll
Englschalkinger Str. 230
81927 München



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