At the pristine white beaches of the Maldives, at the oriental atmosphere of Dubai and in the midst of the skyline of Manhattan – hundreds of hotels, SPAs and restaurant at the most exciting places of the world offer gemstone water to their guests in elegant GranFontana gemstone water dispensers by VitaJuwel. In those places, VitaJuwel stands for the original meaning of the word SPA like no other.

SANUS PER AQUAM – Health through Water!
Gemstones and water were basic components of bathing-, hygiene- and enjoyment culture since ancient times. People back in the antiquity knew about the vitalizing power of gemstones, which became a storage of extraordinary energies over millions of years. Civilizations used that knowledge to revive their water and their wine with this special power.

VitaJuwel rediscovered this tradition, interpreted it in a modern style and revolutionized water treatment fundamentally. VitaJuwel is the world’s largest producer of hand-blown gemstone vials, which are manufactured in a patented process. Each vial is made of non-toxic, premium quality glass and contains rare, hand-picked and conflict-free gemstones.

VitaJuwel equips the most exclusive SPA-resorts worldwide with its unique gemstone vials and gemstone water dispensers. Those gemstone vials – artfully arranged in elegant decanters – are an eye-catcher in every SPA and premium class resort.

Arranged in beautiful water decanters, the gemstone vials are an exclusive eye-catcher in every household. Also because of their fascinating look, gemstone vials by VitaJuwel are a permanent feature in many thousands of style conscious and health-seeking households all over the world.

As an alternative for highly frequented rooms, the gemstone water dispenser GranFontana with a capacity of 5 liters makes it possible, to present fresh and vitalizing gemstone water in a classy manner without personnel placement.

Because the guests are self-servicing their water with the practical faucet, the danger of breaking is almost non-existent. The staff is working more efficient, because a repeated refill becomes obsolete.

At breakfast buffets, in wellness- and SPA-areas, as well as at the reception and in conference rooms, the gemstone water dispenser GranFontana is the most efficient method to offer gemstone water economically and hygienically.

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