Wholistic Dermatology

Treating The Body as a Whole

Wholistic Dermatology founded by Medical Dermatologist Dr. Julia T. Hunter addresses the body as a ‘whole’ – internally and externally, combining skin AND internal therapy, both holistic and medical, for scientifically-correct skin care. Treating the CAUSE, rather than just the symptoms of skin and health conditions in perpetuity, this unique paradigm of treatment utilizes Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. maximal, Physician strength, therapeutic, non-toxic, chirally-correct products combined with Skin Fitness Plus synergistic, correct internal supplements, and Skin Physiology safe, non-toxic, low-dose bio-identical hormones.

From health comes beauty, creating health and beauty through reversing, regenerating and rejuvenating to slow down the aging process through healing and prevention, for optimal, quality longevity of life.

Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. Healing and Cosmeceutical Skin Health Solutions are different from everything in the market today because they provide chirally-correct, NON-toxic, NON-inflammatory, Physician-strength Skin Products and Peels formulated for MAXIMAL strength therapy and the most visible results scientifically possible, to protect, prevent, correct, and repair pathologies, restore and rejuvenate cosmetically in ALL skin types, colors and skin conditions. The difference is the INGREDIENTS – the QUANTITY – not just a trace – rather the most effective amounts, the QUALITY – active, strong, pure, medical grade and chiral, to penetrate down to the skin’s cellular level, and the FORMULATION – the ratio of ingredients combined to target what the skin is lacking, needs and can recognize, to achieve change and the desired goals most expeditiously.

For science-based, proven results, this is the new gold standard for excellence in skin care therapy for healing and visible rejuvenation.


About Dr. Julia T. Hunter

Julia T. Hunter, M.D., is an internationally known dermatologist, and founder of Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Hunter’s scientifically and physiologically-correct methodology addresses the body as a ‘whole’ – from the inside and out, optimizing skin and body health. She is the Formulator of non-toxic, maximal Physician-strength, healthy Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter, M.D. Therapeutic Skin Products & Peels, Skin Fitness Plus Synergistic Specialty Supplements and Skin Physiology safe, Bio-Identical Hormones Therapy and Ingredient Optimizer Base Cream.

An authority on therapeutic ingredients, formulations, scientifically correct Skin Therapy products and peels and specialized technology, Dr. Hunter provides education and information on what works and why – what are the healthiest and best alternatives for maximizing and maintaining state of the science health and beauty. She recommends the most pragmatic, doable solutions to provide optimal, best results for treating aging and skin diseases, promoting skin restoration and prevention for men, women and teens.

As a specialist in bio-identical hormone therapies for women and men, Dr. Hunter strongly believes that an imbalance in hormones is often the cause of symptoms such as poor sleep, anxiety, aging, lack of energy, focus and brainpower, and low adrenal gland function. Her Skin Physiology range of bio-identical hormones are non-toxic; help decrease age-related degeneration and provide youthful healthy skin and body functionality.

Globally, Dr. Hunter consults, lectures and educates consumers and professionals and is a noted speaker on the imperative of treating all the pieces of the body’s puzzle for scientifically correct solutions that provide proven results.


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