Yoga Travel & Friends is a highly specialized tour operator for extraordinary high-level yoga and wellbeing trips within Europe and abroad. The unique combination of yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and a relaxing, beautiful (holiday) destination allows a deep healing of body, mind and soul.

Anja Follmer-Greiff, owner of Travel Yoga & Friends, brought the company to life, with the aim to provide people with the opportunity to benefit from the positive effects of yoga in a contemporary, fun way.

What makes Yoga Travel & Friends special is the hand-picked selection of renowned yoga teachers and destinations for the workshops as well as the thematic and individual trips. The travels are innovative, sustainable, of high-standard and may lead you far away or just around the corner. Whether you prefer group travels with like-minded people or completely private and individual trips, you will find just the right journey for you. Partners, who don’t like to participate in the yoga programs, are welcome as well.

Participants experience a truly holistic holiday at a destination of their choice all around the world. The journey includes daily yoga practice, inspiration and the learning and experience of mindfulness in order to regain inner balance and obtain the space and time for personal healing to cope with modern-day stress factors. The result is a deeper and long-lasting recovery and regeneration.

One of the key points of Yoga Travel & Friends’ philosophy is the ethical treatment of humans and nature: that is why the company cooperates with sustainable and regional partners, offers optional climate compensation via Atmosfair for flights and commits to social activities like the donation of money for each traveller in favor of the Women's aid association Mantay Peru.

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