The Natural systemic healing method.
The icelab-Experience at −110 °C results in superlative benefits for body and mind. It is the perfect opening for a relaxing wellness day, a short lasting highly effective gentle physical treatment, after serial application with promising long lasting effects. No matter if a medical indication, prevention or just for gusto is your argument, icelab -110 °C is a sustainable reason, to stay longer and more frequent at you preferred Spa destination.

icelab -110 °C. Fresh breeze for tired spirits.
Do you know the time at which seconds melt with minutes into a clear combined being one? It is the space where the ordinary becomes irrelevant and one is breathing the infinity of Being - slowly inhale ... and exhale ... Do you know the state where dream becomes reality at full consciousness, the overwhelming feeling of a seemingly unreachable idea, luck flowing through your entire body? Let yourself be seduced into a world of extremes and find a new reason...
MINUS 110 degrees
Pain disappears as if by magic, incredible forces are freed, unrestrained mental strength results from the never felt cold. You will be strong and invincible. You can embrace the world. You're all YOU!

icelab -110 °C. New freedom.
The systemic beneficial components include following Prof. Dr. Winfried Papenfuß pain relief to pain elimination, inflammation inhibition / immunomodulation, positive effects on skeletal musculature (regulation of tone, improvement in circulation and metabolism, modification of neural activation), functional improvement of the joints, regulation of the central activity level, psycho-physical performance enhancement, improvement of well-being as well as economization in the cardiovascular system and the energy budget.
The effect is versatile and depending on the individual constitution, situation and emotional state, one or the other effect is stronger perceived. You'll be surprised how pleasant dry cold air can be and what a pleasant warmth from the inside arises.

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