04/26 – 05/10/2020  

Detox & Unplug Experience – guided by Dr. Jared Nielsen

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The Swiss Mountain Clinic invites Dr. Jared Nielsen, a well-known chiropractor and physician,  to accompany guests for a 2-week stay. He will share his expert knowledge during evening lectures and support you throughout the whole stay as your health travel companion. Following the clinic’s motto “Everything CAN – nothing MUST”, this program aims to create a very special group experience, bonding as a team to maintain a lively exchange during the stay

Several options are available: 1-week liver detoxification OR 2-weel combination package consisting of liver detoxification and an individual follow-up program.

During the Intensive Detoxification week, you will enjoy time to relax and unwind in an EMF reduced environment to leave the world behind for a timeout. As you place yourself in the hands of experienced therapists, you will be able to maintain or attain stable health by improving your liver metabolism.

Are you even aware that the liver is an organ, which carries out more than 500 vital functions for your health funneling more than 2000 liters of blood through it? Consequently, the Swiss Mountain Clinic‘s liver detox week comes with valuable results for your health by not only using preventative measures for preserving health but also therapeutic measures to improve health. The clinic recommends repeating the program regularly, if possible.

As a specialty, you will receive one of four programs in the second week and according to individual health issues you will be set you up with either “More Diagnostics”, “Heavy Metal Detox”, “Autoimmune Fix”, or “Pure Energy” for everyone with burnout symptoms or chronic fatigue.


Detox & Unplug Experience – inclusions:
  • Free transport to and from the Milan Malpensa Airport, MXP (only on Sunday)
  • Full room and board with a special liver detox diet, multi-course lunch & dinner
  • 22 diagnostics, physician consultations, & therapies (scheduled from Sunday afternoon until Saturday)
  • 2 private group sightseeing excursions to Bellinzona (on Wednesday or Thursday) & Locarno (on Saturday)
  • Guided hikes through the beautiful Calanca Valley 3 mornings per week
  • Saturday night Gala Four-Course Dinner with live music concerts


Included Therapies: 3 x Detox Vitamin Infusions, 3 x Oxygen treatment, 3 x Biophoton, 2 x Indiba, 2 x Physician’s Evaluation, 1 x Darkfield Live Blood Analysis, 1 x Neuraltherapy, 1 x Ear Acupuncture,  1 x Vichy shower, 1 x Colon Hydro Therapy, 1 x Coffee Enema, 1 x Nervous system analysis, 1 x Full Body Massage & 1 x Detox-Flush

Optional: Oligoscan Heavy Metals / Minerals diagnostic for 150 CHF (approx. $155 US/ €140) on request and prior reservation.

Your physician may recommend Vitamin D testing or other diagnostics based on your darkfield blood analysis and physical exam and symptoms. These are optional and are at an extra cost. You will likely also be offered homeopathic and nutritional supplements related to your diagnostics. They, too, are optional.


Located high in the Swiss Alps in the village of Castaneda.

Transfers offered (for a fee) from Bellinzona train station, Lugano Airport, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Bergamo, Zurich Airport

  • Airplane
    Lugano: 50 km
  • Train
    Bellinzona: 20 km


Swiss Mountain Clinic

Strada Cantonale 158
6540 Castaneda GR

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Booking Request: Detox & Unplug Experience – guided by Dr. Jared Nielsen

USD 0,–
Upon request