06/05 – 06/07/2020  

Twist & Drink Jivamukti Yoga Detox

USD 468.–
per person in triple room with private bathroom


  • Yoga classes & activities
  • Liquid meals
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As 2nd edition, the retreat Twist & Drink Jivamukti Yoga Detox takes place at Eremito in Italy.

Have you ever considered how many poisons and toxins of any kind are accumulated inside you? Have you ever felt heavy, lazy, melancholic and in pain?

A myth in a yogic tradition says that the peacock can eat poisonous snakes without being affected by their poison. But how does it sound to you to have the same power to digest toxins regardless of psychological, spiritual and physical? One common method to keep your body in good health is to clean it by doing fasting. The Twist & Drink retreat follows the fasting method of Buchinger.

To stay healthy it is key not only to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle throughout the year but also to dedicate a particular time to cleanse your body. Furthermore, Eremito suggests that the best way is to cut down solid food for a couple of days.


Twist & Drink Jivamukti Yoga Detox – inclusions:
  • Welcome
  • Introduction/Scripture Jivamukti Yoga class (focus: twist)
  • Jivamuktiyoga Class (focus: mayurasana)
  • Mono-diet dinner with fruit in silence on Friday evening (dress code: white)
  • Liquid dinner (vegetable soup with fresh herbs) in silence (dress code: white)
  • Breakfast with hot beverages and supplements
  • Liquid lunch (fruit and/or vegetable juices)
  • Take away dinner (vegetable soup with herbs) for the Sunday evening
  • After dinner Satsang
  • Steambath & Jacuzzi
  • (Mantra) meditation, stomach massage, kriya, magic ten
  • Walk, and/or restorative practice


Then, after booking the retreat, you will receive detailed instructions and information on how to prepare yourself for the experience. Also, it is recommended to start one week prior and continue for one week after the retreat with avoiding eating animal products, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.

Eremito advises that the first days of a cleanse usually are the hardest and that it is possible to experience physical and mental discomfort. Therefore, it is important that you are truly committed before you do this!


More price information:

  • Yoga Classes and Activities
    • Early bird fee €205 until March 31, 2020!
    • €235 until May 31, 2020


  • Accommodation, liquid meals, and facilities
    • € 320 for single room with private bathroom
    • € 260 shared double room with private bathroom
    • € 220 shared triple room with private bathroom



Eremito is surrounded by 3000 hectares of nature reserve in a wooded valley in Umbria, the spiritual heart of Italy. It’s conveniently located off the main highway, half way between Rome and Florence.

  • Airplane
    Rome: 2 hours
  • Train
    Fabro Ficulle: 34 min



Street Località Tarina 2
05010 Parrano (Terni)

+39 0763 891010


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USD 468.–
per person in triple room with private bathroom