from USD 895.-
per person
per night
single room

14 Nights Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

October 1st – December 31st, 2018

The 14 Nights Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package results in deep therapeutic effect and relief from specific medical and health conditions. Panchakarma procedures like Vastis (medicated enemas) and Nasyam (nasal cleansing) over 3 to 4 days eliminate toxins and balance the Doshas in the body. The weekly progress checks and program revisions make the 14 Nights Rejuvenation program more intense, personalized and result oriented. Rasayanam or tissue nourishment is done through treatments like Phizhichil, Shirodhara etc. A balanced diet, based on one’s body type and Ayurvedic lifestyle routine, is prescribed as after care or “Paschatkarma” to maintain the result of the cleansing and to boost metabolism.


  • 21x ayurveda therapy sessions
  • 6x cleansing therapy (customised-based on consultation)
  • 4x personal yoga sessions
  • 3x personal pranayama sessions
  • 2x personal meditation sessions
  • Individual ayurvedic and fitness consultation
  • Ongoing progress checks with a doctor and spa consultants
  • Rejuvenation spa cuisine meals (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner)
  • Scheduled healing activities: yoga, pranayama, meditation, vedanta talks, fitness, cooking demonstrations, and weekly trek
  • Daily use of the hydrotherapy facilities: steam, sauna, chill plunge pool, and Kneipp hydrotherapy foot bath


from USD 895.- per person (per night, single room)

from USD 1,390.- per person (per night, double room)