from EUR 1,495.-
per person
6 days with breakfast
excluding accommodation

6-Day Anti-Stress Program

Managing and reducing stress levels isn’t always easy: the 6-Day Anti-stress Program is specifically designed for those who need to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, restore inner balance and to undertake a deep regenerating process, thanks to massages and activities aimed at eliminating stress.

The program, structured in 6 days, starts with a personalized assessment with Almar Jesolo’s Spa Manager followed by a consultation with a Personal Trainer in order to determine your stress level and identify the most appropriate treatment, which will include a variety of exercises performed using different techniques customized to fit your needs. Finally, you will round off the program with a detailed summary of the results achieved during the week.
The package includes 10 massages inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, each aimed at attaining a specific goal, some of which are followed by a moxibustion treatment, the ancient Chinese practice of stimulating specific acupuncture points of the body meridians using the heat released by a mugwort leaf cigar. Additionally, 6 sessions of bodyweight exercises, tailored to suit your needs, with Almar Jesolo’s experienced trainer, will help you work on the most critical parts of your body. After each treatment, at the end of the day, you will enjoy a relaxing herbal tea, which, thanks to the beneficial properties of lemon balm and goldenrod, counteracts the effects of insomnia and has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory action.

The 6-Day Anti-stress Program is ideal for those wishing to undertake a deep regenerating process.

DAY 1: 
“Muscle rebalancing” lesson
Back massage “A moment” + Rebalancing Moxibustion treatment
Rebalancing massage “Stopping time”

DAY 2: 
“Joint mobility” lesson
Anti-Stress Massage “Reflections of the Self”
Foot reflexology “The Flower and the Roots”

DAY 3:
“Qi Gong” lesson
“The Waves” face massage + Rebalancing Moxibustion treatment
“The rest of the warrior” sleep massage
Intermediate evaluation

DAY 4: 
“Breathing training” lesson
“Strength game” back massage
”Embrace of the Sea” relaxing massage (men)
“Call to Paradise” relaxing massage (women)

DAY 5:
“Resetting your circadian rhythm” lesson
Foot reflexology aimed at improving sleep “At the foot of Mount Olympus”
“The magic of silence” sleep massage

DAY 6: 
“Muscle rebalancing” lesson
Energetic face massage “Light at dusk”
Regenerating moxibustion treatment + Regenerating massage “The lightness of being”
Final evaluation


Anti-Stress Progam – inclusions: 

  • Lavish breakfast buffet served every morning from 7.30am to 11.00am
  • Admission to the healing area of the award-winning Spa Almablu, spread over 2,000 square meters
  • Private beach and a 70-meter outdoor swimming pool, partially covered and heated to 3 different temperatures
  • Complimentary use of the gym and group fitness classes: Pilates, postural training, Tai Chi, Hatha and Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga
  • Free bicycle rental



EUR 1,495.- per person for 6 days (not including accommodation)

Note: 7-night minimum stay required