from USD 485.-
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per night
single occupancy

Ananda Panchakarma

By the end of the winter season, many feel slow and sluggish, with stiffness in joints and overall fatigue. These indicate signs of toxin build up in the body and mind. Utilise the next months to cleanse the system and feel completely rejuvenated with the Ananda Panchakarma program.

The traditional science of Ayurvedic Panchakarma offers the most natural and complete cleanse. It is the ideal method of detoxifying and rejuvenating the body and mind and healing from within.
Overlooking the spiritual Ganges river in the Himalayan foothills, Ananda creates an idyllic setting for a holistic cleanse. The Panchakarma program is for 21 nights and follows 3 distinct stages. For those with time limitations, a shorter introduction version of Panchakarma can be customised for 14 days as well.

Inclusions (for 21 nights):

  • 5 Snehapana therapies
  • 22 Massage therapies
  • 12 Classical Ayurvedic therapies
  • 5 Purificatory therapies
  • 4 Personal yoga sessions
  • 4 Personal pranayama and 2 meditation sessions

While the above 55 sessions are a broad guideline of inclusions, Ananda’s Panchakarma program is customised for each individual based on age group, health conditions, constitution, gender and other factors like digestion, existing toxin levels etc.
Hence it is important to share a detailed medical history prior to the inception of the program. Based on this assessment and with a detailed consultation on arrival, a customized program is created by Ananda’s Ayurvedic experts.


from USD 485.- per person per night (single occupancy)