EUR 1,775.-
per person
excl. accommodation

Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse - 8 days

The liver detox program with Ayurveda is dedicated to a comprehensive natural liver detoxification. Therapies which protect and regenerate the liver cells, cleansing Ayurvedic massages in combination with our excellent healthy gourmet kitchen “Ayurveda Cuisine”, provide you with a new vitality and long-term energy.


  • 1 x Abhyanga
  • 3 x Liver Pitchu
  • 2 x Padabhyanga
  • 2 x Vishesh
  • 1 x Udvartana
  • 1 x Svedana
  • 3 x gentle internal detoxification
  • Daily Ayurvedic regenerating products for the liver

Ayurvedic medical support during your stay


EUR 1,775.- per person, excl. accommodation, min. 7 nights

Early booking price EUR 1,597.50,- (for all firm reservations made at least three months prior to the beginning of your stay  you will get 10 % on your stay)