AUD 1,850.-
per person
shared accommodation

Becoming Whole Again Retreat

Relentless demands from all areas of our lives create the inevitable scenario of one being wired for action potentially 24/7. The resulting emergence of anxiety and fatigue states affect your physical and emotional health, sense of self and personal relationships. To interrupt this stress filled lifestyle epidemic, the Samadhi Spa & Wellness Retreat Daylesford has created the 3 day ‘Becoming Whole Again’ retreat in order to re-charge your energy reserves, re-connect more fully with your sense of self, and re-align with what’s important in your life. Research-based best practices are combined into a dynamic life shaping experience, allowing you to expect personal change and renewal.

The retreat takes place 9am Friday 24th November to 6pm Sunday 26th November 2017.


  • 3 days retreat/ 2 nights shared accommodation
  • Group wellness welcome
  • Healthy meals and snacks throughout the retreat
  • Body rejuvenation session each (includes massage, mud wrap, far-infrared sauna, reflexology and scalp massage)
  • Wellness workshops: Workshop 1: Managing stress & anxiety, focus talk  wellness and movement, Workshop 2: Realizing your hopes and dreams
  • Group Pilates sessions and wellness talk
  • Small group guided meditation sessions
  • Pranayama breathing sessions


AUD 1,850.-, per person, 2 nights shared accommodation