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Dance with the Veil

May 6 – 13, 2017

Qoya Retreat with Kaci Florez

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember our true essence as women as being wise, wild, and free. Drawing from the wisdom of yoga, the wild and creative expression of dance, and the freedom to feel pleasure in our bodies through feminine movement, Qoya helps us to connect with all parts of ourselves, the seen and the unseen, on both sides of the veil.

The path of a woman is circular. Cyclical. We know as surely as we know spring will come, that our joys and challenges are both temporary. Our desire then isn’t to stay still, stuck in either fear or love. Our desire is to dance. To move back and forth between the challenges and joys, honoring the past and celebrating the present while looking towards the future with trust that no matter what comes, you will know how to dance with it.

What if your willingness to feel it all is a portal to your awakening? It’s often said that the veil between life and death is very thin. But what if this imaginary veil was actually nothing more than the skin and body you live in?

What if the only difference between living on earth and living in spirit form is the body?

Kaci believes: -Our physical body is a portal to understanding and experiencing non-physical parts of ourselves and our world. -That by fully exploring and honoring our physical body, we can lift the veil on our spiritual Self. -We can access our infinite nature and bring the wisdom of our wholeness to this life right now, here on earth.

On this retreat, we will dance with the veil through daily movement, nourishing food, time in nature, deep rest, ritual, and honest connections with likeminded wise women.