EUR 2,618.-
per person
7 days
excl. accommodation

Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat

The Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat aims to improve your overall state of emotional wellbeing and bring harmony to your life. By addressing all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual – it assists your self-reflection and contemplation and enhances your evolutionary journey towards self-awareness and illumination. On a daily basis, you will explore your relationship to each element (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), with physical/energy treatments as well as in intimate group sessions.


  • 3GL (glycogen, glucose and glutathione) nutritional analysis 1x
  • 3GL assessment session 1x
  • Transformation consultation 1x
  • Signature 5 element balancing treatment 5x
  • Signature constitutional element balancing harmonization 1x
  • Acupuncture or signature Euphoria relaxing & lightness aroma massage 1x
  • Acupuncture combined with energy work (reconnective Healing) 1x
  • Signature mental free sanctuary or Chakra balancing treatment 1x
  • Emotional transformation and self-awareness – group session through the 5 elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) 6x
  • Group session of energy movement 1x
  • Group dining in the candlelit private dining room with group mentors 1x
  • Group Euphoria byzantine hammam ritual and meditation 1x


EUR 2,618.- per person, 7 days (excl. accommodation)

And as a special Euphoria treat, receive a 15% discount if you book before January 11, 2019!