EUR 5,761.-
per person
7 days
excl. accommodation

Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy

If your dream is to make a decisive breakthrough in your life concerning your nutrition, exercise and weight and balance of your psycho-mental and physical health, join a premium Signature Retreat that offers scientifically-customized medical interventions whilst harnessing the unique emotional benefits of Euphoria Retreat’s inspiring therapies and treatments

Euphoria Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy (EIMMOT) is a seven-day, fully personalized metabolic and emotional rebalancing program involving nutrition, exercise and experiential group-sharing practices, including meditation and five-element therapy.

It deepens the collaboration with preventive healthcare & wellbeing experts Eucrasia, bringing to the retreat a scientific team that includes a molecular nutritionist, pathologist and geneticist to complement the holistic transformation offered by the spiritual masters and healers of Euphoria Retreat. EIMMOT is a ground-breaking combination of scientific and psycho-emotional methods that will support and guide you to joyfully release old mind patterns, bad habits, disturbing levels of self-esteem related to food and help you gratefully receive, establish and preserve a new healthy and euphoric lifestyle.


  • Nutritional analysis and assessment 2x
  • Medical & holistic consultation with biofeedback profiling
  • Nutritional guidance session 2x
  • Composite exclusive innovative blood panel:
    • hormonal, biochemical full biochemical blood count – traces & minerals, 6 parameters
    • full liver blood count scanning, 7 parameters
    • full hormonal blood scanning of fuel, 9 parameters
    • full redox cellular scanning, 6 parameters
    • full metabolomic scanning, 105-110 parameters
    • full analysis of 20 alles (genetical mutation)
  • Ergo physiological scanning to detect RQ index, metabolic rates, respiratory conditions, etc.
  • Emotional transformation and self-awareness – group session through the elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal/aether) (2h plus) 5x
  • Private consultation with molecular nutritionist Mr. Leon in combination with pathologist Dr. Charizanis 2x
  • Clinical consultation with Mrs. Kokkinou, Ph.D. Hematologist – Geneticist
  • Euphoria advanced treatments 6x
  • Fascia therapy
  • Cooking workshop
  • Live concert (live concert with the composer & musician Manos Pyrovolakis and his group, presenting the Greek, classic & traditional music as a deep philosophic connection with the 5 elements)
  • Infrared sauna 2x
  • Personal training session 2x
  • Three-month follow-up on a personalized internet platform
  • Scientific supervision


EUR 5,761.- per person, 7 days (excl. accommodation)

Reservations are requested to be made by 1 week prior to arrival