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per person
8 nights

Executive Wellness Program

The Rancho La Puerta/Lifewellness Executive Wellness Program is a comprehensive health assessment tailored to you as an individual. The expert staff will customize a wellness program to meet your specific needs and address your individual goals as they pertain to your long-term health.

We know guests of Rancho La Puerta value wellness, with special attention to the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Because of this, collaborating with the Lifewellness Institute is a natural extension of the overarching goals we all strive for: Optimum health and wellbeing.

During the physical exam, you are not a ten-minute visit. You are not a knee injury, or an inflammatory process to be noted in a chart and referred to busy specialists. This Executive Wellness Program is designed to meet your specific health needs and concerns. The experts will work in concert with you to develop a lifestyle rooted in integrative practice.

What makes this Executive Wellness Program uniquely comprehensive are the licensed professionals spearheading your care and their laser-like focus on you as an individual. You will have access to, and conferences with, a physician, a nutritionist, an exercise specialist, and numerous fitness experts. This group of professionals will collaborate and provide guidance in every aspect of your health, from how to interpret a specific lab test, to which foods to indulge in, to the fitness classes and spa visits most appropriate for your needs and goals.

Executive Wellness Program – inclusions:

  • Pre-arrival interviews and follow-up sessions with expert team members
  • A one-night stay at a hotel conveniently located near the Life Wellness Institute and the San Diego airport.
  • A five-and-a-half hour comprehensive wellness exam that includes lunch with your assigned physician and a USB drive with your results
  • A seven-night stay at Rancho La Puerta (Saturday to Saturday) in our Ranchera casitas
  • Two one-on-one follow-up meetings with a Ranch nutritionist and exercise specialist
  • Initial consultation with a medical professional
  • Extensive comprehensive medical history & exam
  • Gynecological exam (for women)
    Ultrasound screening of liver, carotid arteries, thyroid and abdominal aorta
    Nutrition consultation by a registered dietician
  • Healthy lifestyle consultation (with a physician)
  • DEXA scan (bone density & body composition)
  • Chest X-ray (if needed)
  • Vision, hearing, and spirometry (lung function)
  • Fitness consultation (with an exercise physiologist)
  • ECG & cardiometabolic stress testing (at rest and while exercising)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Strength & Flexibility Testing
  • Posture Assessment
  • Laboratory Testing: Advance lipid profiling, liver and kidney function, complete blood count, calcium stores, thyroid function, C-reactive protein, PSA (for men), blood sugar & diabetes screening, urinalysis, complete metabolic panel, additional studies when indicated


From USD 6950.- per person (8 nights)