EUR 896.-
per person
8 days
excl. accommodation

Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Week

Strength, rejuvenation and wellbeing. Find harmony and inner peace. Revitalization processes for body, mind and spirit with this Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Week at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Austria. There the team has gained a huge amount of experience in the way Ayurvedic treatments and nutrition work within a European cultural setting. This has helped Ayurveda Sonnhof to develop new methods and recipes, as well as combinations with other healing and therapeutic methods. All are tailored to suit the needs, constitution and problems of western society and assist you in the quest for your center, a new awareness of life and a joyful balance of mind, spirit and body.

The aim of this rejuvenation package is to slow down, stop or even reverse signs of premature aging. This soothing bespoke treatment program benefits health, boosts the immune and nervous systems, promotes physical strength and regularises digestion. Carefully selected oils promote a clear complexion and soft, smooth skin. This is a deep treatment that warms the entire body and stimulates the elimination of waste products.

Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Week – inclusions:

  • Consultation & pulse diagnosis by Ayurveda specialists
  • 2 Abhyanga – Ayurvedic full body oil massages
  • Udanavata© – abdominal massage
  • Mukabhyanga – Ayurvedic head, face and foot massage
  • Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage
  • Shirodhara – flowing oil treatment
  • Prista – back treatment
  • Udvartana – herbal powder massage
  • Weekly program of Yoga & meditation
  • Use of the Ayurveda Center


EUR 896.- per person (8 nights, excl. accommodation)