from EUR 600.-
3 or 6 day program


Sport and Spa programme: Discover your wild side. Borgo Egnazia has a modern gym with Technogym equipment, perfect additions for a sports holiday.


This is the 3-day programme that kicks off a new life. Suitable for those who are out of shape or those who have never felt the need to do sport before. It makes you feel more vital and it reactivates the right flow.


This is the challenge for those who are already trained and for those who want to get back on track. The synergy of outdoor and indoor activities and the choices within the programme ensure you get great results on multiple levels. A typical FURE day:

8 am: Meet with your Coach. They will take your measurements and present the programme for the day. Start with an outdoor training in the early morning surrounded by olive trees, the countryside and the sea: the best of Puglia.

4 pm: Continue training the “alternative” way: pizzica, Roman Baths, juggling classes, music therapy, dance, adventure parks or lyengar Yoga.


EUR 600.- for 3 days

EUR 1,350.- for 6 days