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per person
excl. accomodation

Weight Management

Being overweight is one of the most significant health risks and there are no “magic” solutions for weight loss. Western studies have shown that programmes based on the idea of diet as a “deprivation” or “constraint” is not only ineffective, but also detrimental to health, as some considerable weight fluctuations can be harmful to health itself. Lefay SPA philosophy underlines the importance of “consciousness” within a diet and more in general in one’s lifestyle. Therefore it aims to modify your eating habits in your regular daily life. Lefay SPA Method programme features a nutritional consultation with the prescription of a “sustainable” and personalised diet, draining and detoxifying treatments together with physical and energy rebalancing activities with the aim to restore the free flow of energy around the body, assisting you to return to your ideal body weight.

Lefay SPA method stresses the importance of awareness of diet and lifestyle, aming to change eating habits, recover optimal weight and restore energy.

Harmony Of The Body – Weight Management Inclusions (5 nights):

  • Introduction to the programme
  • Initial examination to determine energy levels
  • Intermediate medical interview
  • Anti-aging checkup* (oxidative stress)
  • Nutritional consultation and determination of specific diet
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with personalised Menu (for 5 days)
  • Personalised phytotherapy
  • 1 energy body scrub
  • 1 Lefay SPA draining or anti-cellulite energy body massage
  • 2 slimming tuina massages L’Armonia
  • 1 Lefay SPA pyhto – specific aromatic mud wrap
  • 2 moxibustion treatments
  • 2 individual acupuncture sessions
  • 1 Lefay SPA energy specific foot reflexology treatment
  • 1 personalised session with personal trainer (30 min.)
  • 1 energy aroma-hydrotherapy session with essential oils
  • 1 session in the salt-water pool La Luna nel Lago
  • 1 guided walk in the energy and therapeutic garden
  • 2 activities for rebalancing physical energy: Qi Gong, Stretching of Meridians)
  • Entrance to the Lefay SPA World of Water and Fire
  • Final examination with targeted recommendations for maintenance.


from EUR 2,900.- per person (excl. accomodation)