from EUR 179.-

Hot Zirm Life

The AROSEA Life Balance Hotel expresses the care, the protection and the respect for the human being as an integrity in a unique concept. Guests, who want to spend unforgettable holidays in Val d’Ultimo, will soon feel the physical wellbeing and the inner peace in the wellness hotel AROSEA.

The Hot Zirm package includes:

  • Ultner mountain herb drink
  • Steam bath with Salt-‘Zirm’-Peeling
  • Refreshing shower
  • Linen Hug
  • Eye compress
  • Osteopathic tuning with mental relaxation
  • Foot stimulation with Ultner Bergbach-Sand and foot bath
  • Hot ‘Zirm’ Life honouring massage for back and legs
  • Mountain herbs bath with wooden whirlpool
  • Relaxation in bed made of sheep wool+ refreshments

For 1 Person EUR 179.-

For 2 Persons EUR 279.-