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Introducing the Healing Series

From March 29 – 3, 2019
From April 19 – 24, 2019

Healing is an amalgamation of the body, mind and soul, a process which begins from within.

Exemplifying this ethos, Naad Wellness presents ‘The Healing Series’, a set of exclusive sessions and workshops with renowned wellbeing experts to help you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Nearly fifteen years ago, Ashtar Tashi started receiving spiritual insights from divine realms. She realized through her own experience that life is like a boat without oars, if you are unaware of your soul’s purpose. This led her to guide and help people find their mission in life.

Being blessed with gifts of intuition and high-powered energy consciousness, Ashtar Tashi channels messages and guidance through personal sessions using Goddess Oracle Cards, Angel Messages, Channelled Affirmations, High Level Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Meditations, Crystal Therapy, Karmic Reading and Soul Mediumship.

Possible practices and experiences:

  • Grounding Meditation
  • Understanding your chakras
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Art Therapy
  • Finding your sacred space
  • Walking in silence
  • Chakra Affirmation
  • Full moon meditation

This special offer is weaved in with Naad’s existing packages, with no additional cost.