from EUR 1,300.-
per person
7 nights

Life Balance Detox Week

You‘ll begin your alkaline treatment in a relaxing, stress-free environment, full of light and soothing warmth.

  • 7 days Life Balance menu for an optimal acid-bases compensation, includind the Life Balance nature buffet with granules, algae and healing earth
  • Breakfast-buffet with Droste-Laux herbal tea for draining acid
  • 1 drainage peeling with aromatic oil essence
  • 1 gemstone base bath in the wooden whirlpool
  • 5 anti-aging Collagen Light therapies to trigger the activation of the body`s own collagen fibers
  • 2 body point Vitality Lipo Reductions to reduce unwanted fat deposits in the stomach and thigh area
  • 1 goat milk bath to regenerate the cell formation
  • Arosea`s services included

05/03/2017 – 12/03/2017

23/04/2017 – 30/04/2017

from EUR 1300.- per person for 7 nights