from EUR 1,188.-
per person
single or double occupancy
6 nights


Your bowel – It has always been clear to doctors and scholars: the human gut is the body’s secret center when it comes to health and well-being. Only those who understand their gut and care for it create the basis for a better and healthier life. Many complaints that are suspected in the stomach are often one level lower. Overwhelmed by the food and lifestyle of today, he calls loud and most painful for help. The holistic therapy according to F. X. MAYR is a form of treatment that regenerates the gastrointestinal tract to such an extent that it is again able to properly digest and absorb the food supplied. In addition, proper eating habits are trained and the entire body is detoxified and detoxified. Building on the 4-S principle: cleaning, sparing, schooling, substituting contribute to the spa house Schärding the expertise and decades of experience in holistic naturopathy to the inner recovery.

MAYR days can help with:

  • Indigestion chronic constipation and inflammation
  • Revest, gastritis
  • Reflux disease (heartburn)
  • Chronic pain (eg rheumatism)
  • Psychosomatic disorders, fatigue

The MAYR days are personally accompanied by Dr. Andrea Part, trained according to the holistic approach of the German Society for Holistic F.X. Mayr Medizin.

MAYR days – inclusions: 

    • 7 days / 6 nights (Sun-Sat) with individual MAYR-food
    • Extensive consultation with the doctor and individual therapy consultation
    • Accompanied by our holistically trained Mayr doctor and our nutritionist
    • 12 detoxifying and metabolism-stimulating Kneipp treatments (wraps, fonts, baths) based on doctor recommendation
    • 1 relaxing full body massage (30 min)
    • 3 individual abdominal treatments by the doctor
    • 1 meditative relaxation training (group)
    • Exercise in the wild (group)
    • Herbal preparation, cooking workshop
    • Exception and substitution products (eg pulling oil with sesame oil, base and magnesium powder, …)


From EUR 1,188.- per person (single or double room in room category “KNEIPP”)