EUR 1,548.-
7 days, excl. hotel stay

ME Body & Mind

ME Body & Mind health programme

The aim of this programme is to strengthen the link between the physical body and mental awareness, bringing them in tune with one another. Here, guests taking part in the ME programme will learn how coordinated physical training can influence their mental functions and awareness and, in turn, what impact thoughts and feelings can have on their body.


  • 1 detailed medical examination
  • 1 blood screening
  • 1 InBody analysis
  • 1 measurement of oxidative stress
  • 1 activity analysis based on heart rate
  • 1 measurement of heart rate variability
  • 2 deep muscular strength and coordination training sessions
  • 2 Body & Mind mental coaching sessions
  • 1 HRV biofeedback training session
  • 1 infusion of vital substances
  • 1 heart coherence exercise
  • 1 individually tailored therapy session
  • 1 final medical examination


7 day programme excluding hotel stay EUR 1,548.-