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Mindfulness Workshop

September, 14 – 15

Mindfulness ~ Exploring and learning meditation skills to better manage stress. Micro strategies for individual personal well-being and group strategies to better support one another.

To LEARN skills to develop the mind to better support an ongoing state of inner calm and acceptance as an antidote to the ebbs and flows of personal and professional life.

To VALUE and apply oneself to a state of learning fundamental self-awareness skills, so as to better manage stress events and strong emotions.

To CREATE the cognitive building blocks of awareness as tools for a sustained outcome of personal well-being.


Topics explored:

    1. Mindfulness forest walks ~ exploring self through nature
    2. Meditation – the art & practice of mindfulness meditation
    3. Harnessing tools to invite  positive self-talk
    4. Self-awareness as a foundational skill for greater clarity
    5. Benefits in mindfulness through body awareness
    6. Lifestyle strategies to manage and reduce stressful situations


Mindfulness Workshop – inclusions:

  • Shared overnight accommodation for up to 5 guests
  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Group meditation sessions
  • Scheduled talks & workshops

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