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per person
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Panchakarma Compact - 10 days


Take some time to indulge yourself with help of a 10 days Basic Ayurvedic detoxification programme.

After detailed medical consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner, your indivi­dual programme includes harmo­nising synchronous massages, cleansing herbal steam baths, gentle internal detoxification, and light vegetarian gourmet cuisine. The results are mental clarity, physical well-being, radiant skin, profound regeneration and a new joy of life.

The package includes:

2 x Abhyanga
1 x Udvartana
1 x Garshan
1 x Vishesh
1 x Pizzichilli
2 x Svedana
1 x Shirodara
1 x Pinda Sveda
1 x Padabhyanga
3 x Gentle internal detoxification

Ayurvedic medical support during the stay

Minimum booking 9 nights

Cost of therapy: EUR 2,200.-

Early booking price: EUR 1,980.-

for firm reservations at least three months in advance