from EUR 1,513.-
per person
7 days
full board

Shanti - Inner peace

The word “Shanti” comes from the Indian Sanskrit and means peace and bliss. Learn how to balance your Dosha and experience deep relaxation.

SHANTI can help with exhaustion, sleep disorders, heart/circulatory disorders. respiratory diseases, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.

What does SHANTI do? Your benefits.

1. Ayurvedic treatments, baths and massages are perceived as particularly beneficial and mobilize the inner forces.

2. With exercise and relaxation training finally returns to the joy of life, you feel balanced and strong to be able to handle everyday life easier and more relaxed.


Shanti – Inner peace – inclusions:

  • 7 days / 6 nights (Sun-Sat) with Ayurvedic full board
  • Ayurveda consultation with Dosha-Check
  • 2 Kizhi full massages
  • 3 Abhyanga full massages
  • 3 Shirodhara (forehead casting)
  • 3 Svedana (steam bath)
  • Yoga



from EUR 1,513.- per person (single or double room in room category “KNEIPP”, full board, 7 days)