from EUR 3,241.-
double room
half board
7 days program for 1 person
spa access for 2 people

Slimming Detox

7-day Slimming Detox Package

A break to find balance again
The Detox Program was created by the doctors of Terme di Sirmione and employs non-invasive aesthetic dermatology sessions paired with a balanced diet and specific treatments that reduce swelling, favoring the elimination of excess liquids and toxins. The team of Terme di Sirmione also suggests the experience with thermal sulfur salt-bromine-iodine waters and a sauna itinerary which, paired with the sessions with a Personal Trainer, stimulate the drainage action.

Healing Menu during the stay
Today it is commonly known for a fact that nutrition is a powerful tool against several diseases.
Many researches encourage the team of Terme di Sirmione to change the meal plan and stick to a healthy diet. The European Code against Cancer, the American Heart Association and other associations have identified fundamental recommendations to protect us from cardiovascular, oncological and aging diseases. Our food philosophy is based on these studies and offers – thanks to the synergy between Dr. Anna Villarini and our’ Chefs – healthy, seasonal and extremely creative dishes.

Sonication is the ideal treatment for chest, tights, glutes and arms to reduce their circumference, give tone to the tissues and reduce blemishes caused by cellulite. Carried out with particular ultrasounds, it reduces fat and leads – thanks to pressure changes – to the formation of micro-bubbles, which implode and disaggregate the adipose cells.


Slimming Detox – inclusions:

  • 6 or 7-night stay in double room and full board with dishes from the Day’s Menu
  • Access to the thermal SPA of the hotel during your stay (to enhance the benefits of the package the team of Terme di Sirmione suggests a 20-minute bath in the thermal water pool and 20-minute sauna per day)
  • 1 Nutritional and anthropometric assessment with capillary dipstick and urine analysis
  • Nutrition plan
  • 2 Sonication treatments 40′ – to be carried out at Terme Virgilio (Transfer to Terme Virgilio is included and free of charge)
  • 4 Reducing or slimming mud treatments 50′
  • 4 Drainage massages 50′
  • 1 Slimming coffee treatment 50′
  • 1 Scented body scrub 25′
  • 6 Individual sessions with a Personal Trainer 60′
  • 1 anthropometric assessment at the end of the stay
  • Nutrition plan to continue at home
  • 1 Modeling Cream from the Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics line
  • Nutritional assessment with nutrition plan at the beginning and at the end of the stay



from EUR 3,241.- for 7 days (includes accommodation, half board and spa for 2 persons (double room) and program for 1 person*)

*additional program for the second person can be of course purchased at the time of booking)