from EUR 1,490.-
4 days
excl. accommodation


Especially for people who want to detox their body and for profound relaxation, rebalancing the body and mind in the best way possible.

A daily dip in the six thalassotherapy pools purifies and lightens the body, freeing it from toxins, water retention and stress that makes muscles – and thoughts – less flexible.

Complementing the effectiveness of the thalassotherapy course is a series of detox treatments and massages, also performed in water with a high saline density. The yoga sessions and the advice of a nutritionist instil the peace of mind and awareness necessary to keep up the beneficial results that have been achieved.


  • Specialist Medical Examination
  • ECG
  • Glycaemic and lipid structure evaluation
  • Lactate test
  • Physical-nutrition and hydration status assessment (BIA)
  • Abdominal-pelvic ultrasonography
  • Doppler vascular lower limbs
  • Nutritional and nutraceutical integration tips
  • Custom Thalasso-therapeutic program
  • Daily programme Thalasso energy and detoxifying salt of magnesium in seawater at high salt density
  • Daily Detox Thalasso-energy and sodium salt in seawater at high salt density
  • 3x Marine Mud Therapy sessions
  • Circuit “legs in the sky” draining and reshaping in high density saline
  • 1x Thalasso Massage session in seawater rich in sodium salt
  • 1x Signature Body Detoxifying Treatments
  • 1x Signature Facial Treatment
  • 1x Therapeutic Massage Detoxifying
  • 1x Yoga Sessions


from EUR 1490.- for 3 nights/4 days