EUR 1,150.-
excl. accommodation

Thalasso Relax

The contact with the pure elements seawater, sea air, salt, algae and light makes you come to rest and stimulate a sustainable regeneration from the relaxation.

7 days ‘Thalasso Relax’ inclusions:

  • Initial medical examination 1x
  • Algae pack in the waterbed 5x
  • Full body massage (à 45 mins.) 3x
  • Reflexology (à 45 mins.) 2x
  • Salt oil peeling 1x
  • Seawater bath with hydromassage 2x
  • Shiatsu 1x
  • Yoga in the group 3x
  • Ocean Healing Sound 2x
  • Thalasso Balance diet II (with carbohydrates) 7x


EUR 1.150,- excl. accommodation